07 May 2017

Matchbox Phantom FG1/FGR2 - Revisited & Completed (Again!)

Well - as I posted last time I've revisited my Matchbox Phantom FG1/FGR2 kit that I "finished" back in December last year.  Back then, Paul Foster commented that the model might pop a bit more if I did the panel lines.  I completely agreed with him, and when the right product came along I decided to have a crack at it.

So here's the original:

And here's the new version







So there we go - all done.  Interested in what you think of the panel lines - particularly on the top of the aircraft.  Too dark?  I'm not sure.  Typing this I just realised that I still need to hit it with a flat coat.  I wonder whether this will tone down the darker panel lines somewhat.

Oh well - I guess it's not finished after all.....  Will any of these projects ever end!!!!!


04 May 2017

Matchbox Phantom FG1/FGR2 - Revisited

Well this is actually a revisit rather than a proper Work-In-Progress.

I try and keep an eye out on new products or procedures that will help my modelling - particularly my aircraft modeling which is not great.  I stumbled across this product...

...and did a bit of investigating, watched a couple of clips on Youtube, and thought I'd give it a go.

I re-sprayed my Phantom with an Acrylic Gloss coat, and started to have use the Panel Line Wash:

This is what it looks like when you pin wash the panel lines.  It doesn't take long as the wash flows nicely along the lines when you dot it on a panel line.  I've used the darkest grey wash here as I tried the medium wash and you couldn't see it very well.  I might try the medium on the underside of the plane as it is lighter.

The idea is you pin wash it one, and then use MiG Enamel thinners to carefully wipe it off, leaving the wash in the panel lines.  It takes a bit of effort - and I'm sure the way I'm doing it is not 100% fantastic - but so far I think it looks better.  I should probably have started on a brown or green plane to start with but the Phantom is the plane that needs the effect the most.

Next time I show the Phantom - hopefully it will look significantly better!



02 May 2017

Back to the BAOR - Objective Complete

Here we go with another completed little side project - done really just to do something a little bit different.  Eventually I'd love to have a set of themed objective markers, and I had to start somewhere, so why not with a damaged Cromwell Models FV432.

Here it is:

And now the separate components:

The FV432 - showing the damage to the model.  I tried to make it look burnt out - not sure if it really shows up in this pic.

And the base:

And that's it!

Don't worry though - the next post will be another WIP!



30 April 2017

SA-9 Gaskin

Fear not, dear reader - this is not another randomly started and never finished work-in-progress post, but finally a finished product post.  And it will be a short one.

Over the weekend I knocked out the Britannia chassis/main body BRDM-2 so it could be fitted to the SA-13 launcher turret to make it into a good proxy for a 9K31 Strela-1 SA-9 Gaskin which you can read about on wikipedia here if you so desire.

Anyway - onto the completed model photos:

So there we are - project and SA-9 completed.

My BRDM collection continues to grow...

Thanks all


26 April 2017

Here comes another one! SA-9 Gaskin Work-In-Progress

I’ve always wanted an SA-9 Gaskin for some reason.  Probably because it was pretty common but I’ve always liked the vehicle.  When I was a kid (and had no $$) I somehow was able to get a couple of bits of micro armour – no idea where from – and I chose a Gaskin and a Scorpion.  So I guess I’ve liked it for a long time!

Anyway…  I wanted to get an ACE Models SA-9, but they are literally as rare as hen’s teeth and the 1 I found on Ebay (in years of looking) went for a lot more than I was willing to pay.  So the dream died a little bit.

This has meant that whenever I put together a Soviet force and want to add a mobile SAM I go for a SA-13 Gopher – as I have the model.  In my lists this is a bit more expensive than a SA-9 – as it’s a better missile.

One day I was thinking about it, and I realised the SAM hammerhead on the SA-13 is almost identical as on a SA-9.  Hang on a moment…  I stopped whatever it was I was doing and went over to my cabinet and grabbed a completed Britannia BRDM-2 and the launcher hammerhead from the SA-13 and put them together.  Not an exact fit – but good enough to game with.  In fact, you may not have noticed but I included this very slap-dash conversion in my last two games:

Its the one with the red square around it!

So then I decided to do a new Britannia BRDM-2 – slightly modified to better accept the ACE Models SA-13 launcher.  Essentially all I did was add some plastic card and filler to make the SA-13 launcher head fit slightly better:

You can see it needed a bit of green stuff work as well.

So here is how it might look with the launcher added:

So now it just needs to be painted and I have a dedicated BRDM-2 body if I want to use a SA-9 Gaskin.  Of course this does not solve the problem if I want to run a force with both a SA-9 and a SA-13, but I think the chances of wanting to do that are pretty slim.

So I’m putting this down as a win – just a worry that it took me something like 4 or 5 years to work it out!  D’oh!!!!

Have fun


12 April 2017

Bundeswehr Bergepanzer 2 - Another Work-In-Progress

Ahh yes - time for another side project - although I have a sort of excuse for this one.

A mate has asked me to build and paint for him seven Revell Marder 1A3s and a couple of Revell Leopard 1A5s.  Last weekend I started the Leopards and as I was building them (it takes me a while) I decided to throw in one of my own Leopard 1A5 kits I have been holding onto in order to build a Bergepanzer 2.

Back in May last year I reported that Hobbyden was planning on bringing out a conversion set for a Bergepanzer 2.  I subsequently got my hands on the conversion set and had been waiting for the right day to try putting it together.

It was all relatively straight forward, once I managed to find some pics that showed me the back of the Bergepanzer and this is how the build turned out (apologies in advance for the quick and dirty photos):

Just for clarity - all the dark green bits are from the Revell kit, and all the white bits are the Hobbyden conversion set.

I had a couple of bits left over that I wasn't sure of, and I had to glue the dozer blade in a fairly high position directly to the front of the model to hid some gaps between the resin hull and the plastic chassis.

All-in-all though I'm very happy with how this has turned out and it will be painted when I finish the Leo 1A5 build and get to painting them.  Just have to decide on all Yellow-Olive or NATO three tone camo.  Decisions, decisions...



11 April 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 5

Time for a couple more quick photos of some progress on this project.  This time I'm trying to move my Danish M113s along.  As explained previously they are all S-Model kits.  Here's where they are up to:

As you can see the green is pretty bright.  We'll see how it looks once the black pin wash has been added and then the models are dry brushed up.

More soon - and maybe something else completely different...